Hey, friends, today I'd like to share some new fun inks by Aladine from Clearsnap. These pigment inks are amazing and I really enjoy playing with them on the background of my tags.
Here I used different methods to apply these inks. As you can see, there are different effects and results. And all of them are simple and awesome!

I have included a quick video to show you how I made these tags. 

All these tags were cut with acrylic linen canvas paper in size 3" X 6". On the first tag, the background was colored with Izink inks and stamped with different layers of image. 

The sentiment was stamped on the translucent paper and heat embossed. I also dyed the seam binding ribbon with Izink ink. I love the beautiful tie dye effect on this background.

To create the background of the second tag, I dropped various colors of Izink on the craft sheet and sprayed some water on the inks. Then I pressed the tag face down and slid it. 


 I also used blending tool and pigment ink to make the colors softer.  

Izink is made by Aladine and distributed by Clearsnap. It's new and acrylic based pigment ink. Since Izink is acid free you can use on all your scrapbooks and hobby craft projects. It is opaque and will not produce a patina effect. You may also click here or video here to see the card I made using Izink to color the stamped image.

Hope you enjoy my creations and get a chance to try these great Izink Pigment Inks.

Have fun and enjoy your day!
Meihsia ^_^



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